sexual harassment issue(s) + psychoterror at the art university

corrupted establishment of the rectorat of the university

academy of fine arts bratislava, slovakia 

 Introduction and later a timeline

I will add texts to this site during this year and also maybe the next one.

The reason of my slow posting is because:
1./ you have to wait for anything that is good.
2./ I am a normal person with a normal bussiness and personal issues, my time is precious and I am working in the timetable of my priorities.
3./ To work on this posting is not my priority, but still I want to publish it.
So thank you for your understanding and patience.


First of all, as it was always from the beginning, this type of the public transparency and honesty is actually my protective shield. Yes, I am protecting myself. In the past, during my studies at VŠVU or AFAD in Bratislava, the times when the concrete sexual harrassment, psycho terror and power push from the side of my professor was actual, I was being adviced to stay silent, go through the opresssion silently, to not react, to not act like anything was happening...I did it, and I was wrong by following this pathway. After me being silent, I got kicked out of the school in a very awful and dishonesting manner, yet only then I have realized, that it is important to always voice your statement and opinion, no matter what the people in the power positions or politics. I realised I have to do it for myself, no matter what, even if it is the last thing I do for myself in my life. However it can kill ypu - well you have to expect the worsrt and be prepared - it actually never kills you, it pushes you up. Although you might need a certain amount of the resilience or the patiente, because the push back can last from several days to several months or years.

Second, I have realised If I not publish publicly my side of the story, Mrs. Bohunka Koklesová or AFAD Bratislava keeps on pushing and constatly spreading around gossips, rumours, lies about what I did, what I said or about who I am. This was actually happening between the years 2018-2021 when I started to live in Germany and had no idea about the local gossips in Bratislava - and I am also not interested in gossips, bar talks, crazy people around, drama and intrigues. But on my suprised, as I was keep on jet-setting a lot between Bratislava and Hamburg in 2021, because I was nominated for Oskár Čepan Award 2021, which I later won, in August 2021 I heard the lies Mrs.Rector was spreading around my person personally. And at that moment I got angry. 
I got angry bout the fact that the institution and a woman is trying to kill my reputation. Then I was angry that people actually do listen and look for these type of the fake news and support a fake system.
So I promised myself, I won`t be silent this time. So you have my story from the first hand - you can listen it directly from me - personally.

(This video is in slovak. One day I will make titles to it.)

Third, if to anything, I really hope my case can be used in the future as a case study or hand-out to anyone, who experiences the same issue as I was going through. So YOU don’t feel alone as I felt. So YOU can take care about yourself better at that moment than I could. So YOU will get a support I couldn’t find that time, so WE built kind a protection mechanism and system that will serve us and help us, during WE are building our carriers, families, life etc...and we are not interested into a bullshit of somebody or some instituition that is incompetent.

So please, I will be happy, if you can use my case as your reference. I support this.

I am also not building here any kind of army or group or any new political party. This is just solely a case reference for you, and a self-protection for me.